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Bloons tower defense 4 is one of the most popular and top-rated game application, you would find no other strategy game like this. There is so much great things about the game, it will definitely make you play the game. Different levels of the game have made the game so much attractive, that you would not feel bored while playing. At this landed page, you will get to know what the game is all about; will make you familiarize the different levels of the games. Bloons tower defense now reached at version 4, and there are hopes the next versions also will get an earth-shattering response by the game geeks. There are constantly new features in the game, which makes you plan to cross every step of the game.

What is the plot of Bloons tower defense unblocked game?

The plot and the story of the game are full of entertainment and zeal; one would definitely enjoy every inch of the game. The game is all about helping monkeys, the bloons are attacking them, and the monkey needs to defend themselves from the evil Bloons. You will get a defensive tower, and on every step of the game, you have to think twice before placing the tower. So, your moto is to pop the bloons, if you place the tower in a bad location, you will not pop all the bloons. At one stage, you have to place more than one tower, so that will be the ideal situation and circumstance for you. Chose the location of every tower carefully and place them at the best location, where you can pop all the balloons which are going to hit you on the head. All the balloons are not equal, every balloon has something different from the others, some will get some super or extra powers, so those balloons are difficult to pop. So, have a great gaze on the improvements of your enemy to conquer the game.


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