About this Earn to die 2 exodus game

Earn To Die 2 is a thrilling driving and racing game developed by the Russian indie studio Toffee Games. This game is the third sequel of the famous game series Earn To Die. In this game, you have gone through a long journey, passing all kinds of dead lands, from Desert Dash to the great Red Canyon. Now, you arrived in Cactus Ride, but this is not yet your ultimate destination. Hop on your car, tighten your seatbelt and continue your way to the last shelter to join the survivors! Plenty of zombies and obstacles will prevent you from reaching the terminus, so it's vital for you to be a firm driver. Try to use all your driving techniques to overcome them while avoid losing too much fuel. Remember that fuel is the most important element, because when it petered out, you'll have to restart the level from the very beginning. Upgrade your vehicle's facility to have better performance. For instance, if you want prolonged driving time, it's essential to upgrade the fuel tank. However, remember that uprights won't be carried forward to your new vehicle, so if you're planning to buy a new car, don't waste money on your current one.

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Game control keys

Use the Up Arrow Key for acceleration. Use the Left/ Right to tilt the vehicle to either side. Press "J" or "X" for Boost.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

You should use Boost only when driving up-hills and when meeting bumps on the road. Be careful not to drive too fast otherwise you may lose control of your vehicle.


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