Run 3 About its gameplay:

Developed by Player03, Run 3 is a Run, Platform, Monster and Physics video game. This game centres on the great adventure of an Alien Rabbit, who is on his way to achieve success in the outer space tunnels. In the game, you will take the role of the Alien Rabbit and explore the tunnels through a second-person perspective. The exciting thing is that you will only see the back of the protagonist, instead of his front. The controls of Run 3 are quite smooth, as it doesn’t take you that long time to manage to move the Alien Rabbit smoothly. Now, let’s zoom into the game world of Run 3 cool math game. As you can see in the game, the tunnels that you are exploring keep shaking and turning your position upside down. Since you are experiencing the game in the weightless environment (remember that we are talking about the space), you will find it amazingly interesting to have a chance of switching from platform to platform. Even though the game seems quite easy for everyone to enjoy, it doesn’t mean that its challenges look sweet to everyone. To keep up with the flexible in-game conditions, you will have to practice a lot before you seek for success. Good luck!

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Control keys:

Use the arrow keys or a/w/s/d to move in Run 3. Use the space bar to jump.

Some tips and tricks for you:

Be aware of the flashing squares as they might suck you out of the tunnels. Skip through the nearest squares to save time.


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