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Tetris About this game

Tetris is an outstanding fast-paced and puzzle game that you can never be bored with. It's a classic and simple, yet addictive game in which you play with geometric shapes and lines. These pieces are called tetrominoes, which means they are shaped by putting four of square blocks randomly together. Piece by piece, they fall down slowly and haphazardly to the playing field. Your job is to control the falling tetromino, move and rotate the piece to fit it in with other bits and make a horizontal line without any vacancies. By then, the whole chain will disappear. To start, select the difficulty you dare to challenge. If you are a beginner, I advise you not to underestimate the slow pace of the first levels. Although the piece seems to be unrushed, you have to think and act quickly to control the shapes in the way you want. Remember, a miss is as good as a mile. Any small mistake can lead to your defeat. The game only ends when the tetromino tower reaches the top, and nothing else could fall down. Try your best to achieve high scores and have your name on the leaderboard!

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Game control keys

To rotate the shape, use the up arrow key. To move the block faster, use the down arrow key To move the blocks to either side, use the left and right arrow keys.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Be careful when you use the down arrow. If you hold it for too long, it may affect the next piece and ruin your game. When you finish moving your piece in the place you want, and there is still time, remember to look on the upper right corner. There is a notice box foretelling what shape coming next so that you can think of a strategy for this new piece.

Click the Lock icon and change Block to Allow to play Tetris.

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